A summary of our history

TRE G was established by Mr Giuseppe Galli, who, in the immediate post-war period, founded a mechanical engineering company that quickly gained important customers, such as De Pretto-Escher Wyss, a Swiss multinational manufacturer of conventional and thermonuclear power plants, giving rise to a consolidated partnership that still lasts today.

In the 1960s, Mr Giuseppe's sons, Angelo and Carlo, joined the company, learning the trade under their father's careful guidance. The third generation of family entrepreneurs joined the company with Mr. Luca Galli, Carlo's son and Giuseppe's grandson. This coincided with the introduction and development of information technology and automation in the field of mechanical machining.

Over the years,always with a view to offering its customers the highest quality in terms of production and services, invested considerable resources in technological development and can now boast a first-class machine park and production capacity.

This dedication to work and constant commitment have enabled us to gain experience and skills in a variety of sectors, working with companies of global importance, including, inter alia:

  • finishing of the Waveguides commissioned by De Pretto-Escher Wyss and construction of the MK2 Divertor support structure for the Jet.
  • for the Trieste synchrotron, we produced the light appendages in collaboration with Nobel Prize winner Rubia.
  • production of patented mechanical parts used on the bicycles of professional athletes participating in the Atlanta Olympics and the gruelling Paris-Rubaix.
  • production of components and assembly of the innovative TSK adjustable stock, used by the greatest shooting champions, from which a solid partnership with Fabbrica d'armi Pietro Beretta Spa was born.